WordPress Plugin – That Will Create a Tornado of Red Hot Traffic to Your WordPress Blog

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If you own a WordPress blog, your just one of the millions of WordPress bloggers on the internet today. Technorati as we all know are the biggest internet search engine for searching blogs competing with Google and Yahoo. Since 2002 they have indexed 133 million blogs in 81 different languages. In a recent study they revealed that collectively over the past 3 years bloggers have created close to one million post every day.

The question is ‘Why should you care? Because of the sheer volume of blogs online it’s no wonder that people’s attention spans are dropping. And people barely stick around long enough to read your first blog title.

Imagine if you could turn these numbers on their head. Your be placing yourself firmly in the driving seat. When your market changes change your marketing. If you want to create a long lasting and profitable blog your have to leverage new marketing techniques that counteract market changes.

What if you could use a revolutionary new WordPress plugin that would unlock the treasure trove of new marketing opportunity. Would it not be highly beneficial to create an instinctive response from your blog visitors using a proven method. All wordPress blog owner realise the importance and benefits of constant traffic.

Imagine being able to transform your WordPress blog into a list building Super tornado. Turning casual browsers into responsive subscribers and buyers. Making your blog visitors an offer they can’t refuse.

Our brains are hard-wired to notice movement and focus on it (Which goes back to when we were considered dinner by other animals) this is instinctive to see if the movement is dangerous. The fact remains movement is impossible to ignore. This is the underlying principle behind the power of Optinpop.

A few seconds of undivided attention is all that’s needed to take your online business to the very next level. You need the power to increase the value of traffic to your blog.

There are simple marketing strategies that can be used with an Optinpop by adding any content to the pop up window, the user is required to type in the URL of the page that he/she wants to display. Then pop up windows on the exit are to be created that help to convert the exit traffic into genuine subscribers. Now popup windows on entry are toe be created which will attract people that will visit your blog.

The WordPress plug-in program works so effectively that the visitors of the website will think twice before leaving your site. The program allows the users with a chance to catch the attention of the traffic. Without such a WordPrees plugin, WordPress blog owners could be literally missing out on the opportunities to make thousands in extra profits every month.

An Optinpop can be developed in such a way that it acts as a complete traffic friendly wordpress plugin. That can convert more traffic into a high converting subscribers before they have even seen your blog. This can have a tremendous effect on your…

Some Points To Create Blogs And Make Money From Them

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So much is being written and so many promises made in these articles, write-ups and e-books that you don’t know what to believe. In most cases, you cannot trust what is written because if you go by the promises, you will be disappointed. Money does not come so easily with these techniques and some of them are completely useless.

That is why you should gather information about one particular aspect which you have seen to be successful. In this case, it is blogs. These blogs are an easy means of making money.

There are two types of blogs broadly. One is where you can use the blog service websites such as Blogger for free. Another is where your blog is hosted on your own domain or website with the help of WordPress. On free web services, there will be restrictions though it is a good starting point. Your own blog website will give you comparatively more freedom and control. Also, there will be no monitoring or deletion of account unless you want it removed.

Your blog can be about anything. But since you are looking at it from a business point of view, it is best that your blog concentrates on a niche of your skills and expertise. When you choose a niche, there is a lot of homework that you must do. This includes finding keywords, the competition in the field, and the number of people interested in the same keywords. This basic and initial research will help you throughout and from time to time, you can update yourself with relevant facts. The keywords should not be chosen randomly but they should be researched and found capable of bringing in profits. If the keywords belong to a particular business area, it is easy to weave content around it also.

It is not imperative that you should have a blog only if you have your own products and service. There are affiliate products available through schemes whereby you can just direct those reading your blog to them and you will be paid commission.

When you have decided all these factors mentioned above and the products you want to write about, then you can go ahead with designing and building the blog. Blog hosting on your domain will cost you something to the tune of a month and the domain fee is around . So, if you think you can afford this, this is the best method. You can choose one of the many designs and templates offered by the service so that the pages appear according to how you like it.

You can add other plug-ins to your blog. There are several on WordPress that you can choose. Each of them will add some extra feature or function like images, affiliate links, SEO and so on to your blog.

 If you want to learn more on how your business can increase traffic go to and enjoy the true benefits that comes with more visitors in your business.

How to Create And Maintain an Off Site Seo Link Building Strategy

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Off Site Link building, a creative Technicality


I am going to hit you right between the eyes with another stirring dialogue, this time on the premises of external link building. In my last note, I talked about SEO on site for the most part, the model of your site mapping and internal SEO can be made very uncomplicated, merely by using WordPress as your Content Management System,, then adjusting the permalinks in your admin panels settings tab, after which you set up either All in One SEO or Platinum SEO from the plugin tab, along with a few other wordpress plugins that are the topic of another article, and you don’t have to worry about your onpage structure again. Even though this simplicity of on site SEO is not available in every CMS, documentation for the creation of on page optimization is available for every content management system. Now that we have clarified the above issues, it is time to direct our attention to the more time consuming question of External SEO, after which I will provide some information about individual methodologies for link building. The topic is just about as exciting as it sounds, however, just as with internal link structuring and on page optimization, you must not reduce your enthusiasm when addressing the topic of external link building, you must have a basic business strategy, or the highly desired continual stream of organic search engine generated visitors will not materialize.


Opinions about External Link building are as varied as the number of SEO “guru’s”, and the fact of the matter is that there is validity in many different methods of linkbuilding strategy, I would not restrict myself, I would utilize every technique known as viable,  while prioritizing my efforts to the most effective techniques,. I have gone to the source documents of several famous SEO authors, I have gotten a hold of video tutorial and audio courses with pdf transcription, to learn techniques, which has yielded a strategy that is producing good results.. One point I would like to make at this juncture, is that while all of the “free” traffic generation methods we will address have merit in documented success, you must be certain that the sites where you place your website anchor text on have a degree of quality, or you may be penalized by Google, as they tend to frown on sites that are linked to low quality sites. The whole concept of your linking strategy may be compromised by linking to junk sites, having your web site amidst a jungle of spam websites is no more appealing than building your house in the worst of drug infested ghettos.


I have a tendency to place emphasis on certain techniques I feel qualified to exploit, and that I know are currently yielding results,. It is certain that these procedures take a bit of time,, and given money over time, the likelihood is that I would outsource several of the more mind numbing tasks, but resource guidelines are as individual as the scope of creators online at this point in time, point being, you have to build links no matter what resources have to be spent, That being said here is a list of 24 techniques, by no means am I claiming it to be all inclusive, that you need to consider when you outline your link building strategy. 


Authority site commenting


Blog Commenting


Forum commenting


Guest authoring,


Yahoo answers,


.edu and .gov commenting


Article directories


web directories


Social bookmarking


PDF directories


Press release directories


Video Directories


PowerPoint directories


Podcast directories


Web 2.0




Hub pages


Link Baiting

Contest Creation



I recommend that you implement a strategy which includes all of the  above referenced categories, you will be able to cross your work over  some categories. Once you have completed the task of socially bookmarking a site, the only thing you have to do will be to socially bookmark the newly created pages as they come on line, and the links will stay with the domain for as long as its active, and perhaps longer. Other of these techniques will lend themselves to cross purpose as well. For example, having written an article, you can transform it into a pdf, a podcast and a video.  I have provided more in-depth information  on our home blog at  EliKen Marketing.

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create blog blogspot funny blog blog stuff

blogspot blogging

create blog blogspot     funny blog  blog stuff

What is a Blog or Weblog?

A blog (aka weblog or web log) is a Web page that is frequently updated, usually with personal insights and Web links. Each blog entry is typically short and to the point, sometimes with a link to a longer, extended entry.

Traditionally, blogs were used as something like an online diary. They included links that the author had found interesting that day as well as life stories.

But as blogs became more and more popular, businesses started to use them. The first industry to really embrace blogs was the news media. Journalists post their stories to the blog and readers subscribe to the blog news feeds to receive up-to-the-minute information on a variety of topics. Now, blogs are used for many different purposes.

* Personal diaries

* News feeds

* Hourly, daily, weekly updates of Web sites

* New information on a topic

* Product updates: reviews, new versions, new products

* This day in history

* Birthdays and other special events

* Almost anything you can think of

What do I need to set up a blog?

Since blogs are just Web pages, all you really need to set up a blog is a computer, space on a Web hosting server for your pages, and time to create the blog. But there is an easier way to go.


There are numerous applications created to help you build a blog. One of the easiest is This site allows you to set up a Weblog in about 10 minutes. Radio Userland is another popular hosted option.

But I have my own Web server, are there blog tools for me?

Yes, there are a number of blog tools that work with the server you already have. My favorite is Movable Type. Another good one is Greymatter.

There are many different tools to use to post to your blog. Many of the applications allow things like posting from a desktop client, email posting, and even posting by phone. I have used a cell phone with Web access to post to my Weblog.

Are there other tools I can use to post?

There are many tools you can use to post to your Weblog. Most blog applications these days offer support for the Blogger API which allows desktop and mobile client tools to connect to the blog for posting and management.

Why would I want to use a client tool other than the blog application?

Blog client tools or assistants are used for a variety of reasons.

* They are easier to use than the blog application, as they have fewer features.

* Because they are desktop and not server tools, they allow you to work offline and publish once you’re ready.

* Some provide better WYSIWYG support, for those who don’t like HTML.

* Some integrate directly into your browser.

* Some offer management tools that are easier to understand.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is a way to tell other people about your new blog entries. You post your Web log entries in the XML specification RSS. Then readers all over the world can view your blog entries on content aggregators. Or you can post content from other blogs on your site using RSS tools.

I run a business, what good is a blog to me?

Weblogs are a great traffic generator, but only if they are honest, and not just marketing hype. There are many uses for a business weblog – not just for personal diaries.

What is a permalink?

Permalink is short for “permanent link”. It is a link that readers can use to bookmark the current blog post. This is important, as most blogs change regularly, and without a permanent link, the posts would be impossible to find later.

Permalinks are usually indicated by a pound-sign (#) or the permalink at the end of the post.

What is Trackback?

TrackBack is a tool to allow you to notify other blog authors of your blog posts. Most bloggers use it to comment on a blog post as an entry on their site, rather than as comments on the other blog. It’s similar to linking to a permalink (permananent link) but it adds the functionality where you actually tell the original blogger that you’ve linked to them. This is called “sending a ping”.

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How to Create Personal Blog

blogspot blogging

I saw a personal good blog that was written by my friend. He is a politician in my country. Although, the blog has few traffic only but the blog is very good, according to me. The blog can describe what his idea and his vision. He just uses two column blogspot themes. He posts the word and his political activity in his blog.

Unlike a business blog, creating a personal blog is easier. We do not have to marketing the blog massively. 

I think you can make personal blog too. You can also make a good personal blog. Follow these steps :

1. Choose a blog hosting. You can choose the free blog such as,,, xanga. com and others. You may buy paid hosting blog if you have money. In my opinion, free blog host is good enough for a personal blog.

2. Set the blog. You can write your bio, upload photo, video, and else. Choose the template that you like. You can choose a simple theme.

3. Write the article. You can write anything as long the article does not violate the blog hosting rules. You may be inspired with your activity today. Tell what is your feeling today. You can keep the blog private if you do not want share what you feel.

For the person who want to promote themselves, they can post about their knowledge. 

4. Post the pictures too. Tell what happen in the pictures so the reader knows what you post. You can also post video and upload. It may bring more traffic too.  My friend uploads a photo of a social activity. In the photo, we can see he meet with his supporters.

5. Promote your blog to directory. There are hundreds blog directory. You can submit to famous directory too. Your blog will get more visitors from blog directory.

6. You can share your post at twitter and facebook. You may get reply from friend or family soon. You can exchange knowledge to your family or your friend.

7. Join with the community. Some blog hosting also provide community such as wordpress, livejournal an others. You can attend the forum and participate at there.

Read also : Pros and Cons Self Blog , Pros and Cons Free Hosted Blog

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7 Free Resources to create a Excellent Blog

blogspot blogging

How much it will cost to publish a blog ??? I was asked this question one of my friend five months earlier and today I got an email from her “Finally, I have created my blog and I am getting around 700-900 visitors per day, also I have applied for Adsense and now I am earning from other referral programs…”  You know actually I just told her where she can get all the resources to create a blog. And she has done a wonderful job!

In this article I am listing all those free resources that you can also use to create a good quality blog.

Most popular blogging site is It provides lots of features like using your own template, using Adsense and publishing other Ads. Its easy to use interface is excellent for the beginners. Some other good blogging sites are, and

You can easily get well designed free templates for the blog. Just visit,, or They have a huge collection of templates for various categories of blogs.


The most important section of blog is the top header. Place some attractive background picture in the header section. You can get free banners from and Good quality pictures can also be obtained from

If you have no mood to write articles than just copy n paste free articles. There are some websites like, that provide free articles for your blog and website.

To add some extra features you can add free widgets to the blog. You can easily change the widget color and size., and  provides lots of free widgets.

Now you have created your blog, so the next step is to earn money by displaying Ads. You can join,,, or These are some popular affiliate programs.

Your blog needs more traffic to earn money from Ads. Hence submit the blog to some popular directories like,, or .

7 excellent Tips to create a good quality blog Here .

How to Create a WordPress Blog

wordpress blogging

WordPress is a famous blog hosting now. There are million blogger that use this blog platform. You can make a good network at this website.

The blog is also very good and sophisticated. There are hundreds theme and plugin. Blogging at this website is easy and free.

Some people may ignore this blog because we cannot make money at this blog. Conversely, this blog platform can generate money indirectly. We can put our blog link to this blog so our blog rank will increase.

If you want make WordPress blog, you can do like this:

1. Go to Push the button sign up

2. Write the username and password. Type the password again. Do not forget to put your e-mail. Check the box that means you have read the fascinating terms of service. Choose Gimne a blog, If you want blog. Click Next tab.

3. Write blog domain. Choose a good domain for your blog because you cannot change the domain name. Write the title of your blog. Then, select the language of your blog. Check the box privacy if you do not want people read your blog

4. Our Account is active

5. You will find the dashboard. Select the templates that you like. Add some blogroll to wordpress blog. WordPress has good reputation to boost your other blog. You can manage the widget too.

6. You can post the blog now. Click write beyond dashboard tab. Click write a post.  Write the title first. Write the content of your post. Select the category for your post. Write the tags that describe your articles. You can add picture, video, audio, and else. You can embed YouTube video here.

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