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WordPress Plugin – That Will Create a Tornado of Red Hot Traffic to Your WordPress Blog

wordpress blogging


If you own a WordPress blog, your just one of the millions of WordPress bloggers on the internet today. Technorati as we all know are the biggest internet search engine for searching blogs competing with Google and Yahoo. Since 2002 they have indexed 133 million blogs in 81 different languages. In a recent study they revealed that collectively over the past 3 years bloggers have created close to one million post every day.

The question is ‘Why should you care? Because of the sheer volume of blogs online it’s no wonder that people’s attention spans are dropping. And people barely stick around long enough to read your first blog title.

Imagine if you could turn these numbers on their head. Your be placing yourself firmly in the driving seat. When your market changes change your marketing. If you want to create a long lasting and profitable blog your have to leverage new marketing techniques that counteract market changes.

What if you could use a revolutionary new WordPress plugin that would unlock the treasure trove of new marketing opportunity. Would it not be highly beneficial to create an instinctive response from your blog visitors using a proven method. All wordPress blog owner realise the importance and benefits of constant traffic.

Imagine being able to transform your WordPress blog into a list building Super tornado. Turning casual browsers into responsive subscribers and buyers. Making your blog visitors an offer they can’t refuse.

Our brains are hard-wired to notice movement and focus on it (Which goes back to when we were considered dinner by other animals) this is instinctive to see if the movement is dangerous. The fact remains movement is impossible to ignore. This is the underlying principle behind the power of Optinpop.

A few seconds of undivided attention is all that’s needed to take your online business to the very next level. You need the power to increase the value of traffic to your blog.

There are simple marketing strategies that can be used with an Optinpop by adding any content to the pop up window, the user is required to type in the URL of the page that he/she wants to display. Then pop up windows on the exit are to be created that help to convert the exit traffic into genuine subscribers. Now popup windows on entry are toe be created which will attract people that will visit your blog.

The WordPress plug-in program works so effectively that the visitors of the website will think twice before leaving your site. The program allows the users with a chance to catch the attention of the traffic. Without such a WordPrees plugin, WordPress blog owners could be literally missing out on the opportunities to make thousands in extra profits every month.

An Optinpop can be developed in such a way that it acts as a complete traffic friendly wordpress plugin. That can convert more traffic into a high converting subscribers before they have even seen your blog. This can have a tremendous effect on your…

Using Stumble Upon To Increase Blog Traffic

wordpress blogging

Alexa and Blog Traffic using Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon provides a service where like minded internet surfers can vote for a website that then becomes part of a Stumble Upon rotation.

Alexa provides a service where internet users can see the amount of traffic the site they are visiting is receiving. Normally if the Alexa traffic rank is high then the visitor might have more faith that the site being popular knows what it is talking about.

Alexa high and low. High is towards 1 where as low is towards millions. High is what we want to achieve.

Blog traffic is the amount of visitors you receive to your blog on a daily basis. This is of course the Holy Grail of blogging. To get and maintain traffic.

Well why would you want more traffic to your Blog?

Let me explain why and the results you should expect to receive.

The Reason For Blog Traffic

You set up a blog either using a free platform or self hosting for your site.

Your motives for such a blog is either a daily journal that you enjoy writing and to share with visitors that you do not know, friends and or family. You want nothing more from your blog but to express yourself.

Personally, I enjoy these types of blogs as the posts are normally from the heart and down to earth. Often I find these types of blogs to be quite inspiring.

Other reasons to start a blog is simply to make money. This is achieved by monetising the site with Adsense, In Line Text ads, Links and Banner advertisements.

Now if your blog has a very high Alexa ranking, and I do not mean millions but in the top ten thousand, you will have webmasters requesting to advertise on your site, pay for a link on your site and/or request if you would write a review of their site and post the review on your blog. This type of review can return a one time payment, a lot of money into your Paypal account.

This type of income generation can return a lot of money each month. Imagine some webmaster paying you 0 to 0 a month just to have a link on your site!!

There is the old catch phrase that Traffic = Clicks = Money. This is true, a lot of traffic will have ctr, that is a click through rate, at least a certain percentage of visitors will click on one of your ads.

How do we achieve A LOT OF TRAFFIC. Easy …. read on.

Alexa Traffic Toolbar

Alexa use a system to count the visitors to your site. This is generally known as the Alexa Toolbar. The Link is in the Resources Box to left.

When you install the toolbar there is an icon at the bottom of your browser that displays the traffic rank of the sites traffic. Very useful if your marketing and looking to exchange or pay for links. I use it as a gauge of how well the site is received and the credibility of the site.

So if Alexa uses the toolbar to record visitors to a site, how can we go around this so that Alexa will record visitors who do not use a toolbar?

The answer to this is to place a Alexa traffic widget on your site. The Link for the widget is also in the Resource Box.

Now, when a visitor lands on your site, the site Alexa traffic display widget will record the visitor. That is, every visitor to your site will be recorded by Alexa and count towards your traffic history.

Stumble Upon Resource Box
Join Stumble Upon
Free to join and to use. This is the link to join Stumble Upon.
Alexa Resource Box
Alexa Toolbar
Simply by using the Firefox and IE toolbars each member contributes valuable information about the web, how it is used, what is important and what is not.
Alexa Traffic Graph
Put an Alexa Traffic History Graph in your site. Traffic Graphs are dynamically updated daily.
Stumble Upon Traffic

Stumble Upon is an internet traffic goldmine. You will be told a lot of Stumble Upon traffic is useless as the visitors won’t click an advertisement or leave a comment.

Thats not our goal to use Stumble Upon traffic. We are using this traffic so we get a record of each visitor to our site that Alexa records and increases our traffic ranking.

The purpose is to gain a good Alexa traffic rank so that the site benefits from the other alternative ways the site can stand alone and make money on auto pilot. Remember a paid link per month, that is an automatic income!

To get the maximum benefit from Stumble Upon place a Stumble widget on your site (I’ll show you how) and build up relationships with other webmasters that you can invite to review your site and Stumble or thumbs up or down, your page.

As you become involved with Stumble Upon you can Add friends. Then using the Stumble Upon toolbar, send your pages to them and ask for a review. This is simply sharing each others work and performing a review that other Stumble Upon users can see and visit your site.

How It’s Done

First we download the Alexa toolbar and install this on the browser of choice and do not worry, no spam emails or anything else of that nature. Just a handy tool to have.

Next we install the Alexa Traffic Rank widget on our site. This will record visitors for us that do not use the toolbar.

Now here’s the trick I use. You know I always have a trick. You can see it in action here, my blog, New Hair Styles for Women. Notice at the top right of Sidebar 2 that in plan clear view is my Stumble Upon widget. In this position any visitor to my site can click this and write a review of my site.

Yes I know that in the Stumble Upon toolbar there is a Thumbs Up Down the visitor can use, but this widget allows a review to be written. The more reviews on your site and thumbs, will increase exponentially the Stumble Upon traffic to your site.

Installing this widget is easy. On your blog place text or html allowed widget in position at the top. Here is the code you use in the box to generate the widget.

Before I show you this though, here’s another trick. In the code you will see the url to be Stumbled. The trick here is to change this url to any other page of your site to share your Stumbles around.

The code can be found on Stumble Upon to place a widget on your blog. It does work as I have had this widget on my wordpress blog and the statistics of wordpress does record other clicks and this widget ranks very highly.

Putting It All Together

The purpose of this article is for one reason. To use Stumble Upon traffic to increase your Alexa traffic ranking.

The benefit is to record visitors to our site that increase our Alexa ranking so we can further monetise the site and attract paying webmasters and advertisers.

The goal is not to increase our Adsense earnings as this is proven to be unsuccessful using Stumble Upon traffic.

There are many affiliate programs that allow bloggers to install banner and link advertising to their site. The higher the Alexa traffic ranking the higher and more popular your site is, will command a higher rate of return, more money per click through or link display.

All the resources here a free and there is no or any ongoing cost to you. The way to make it work is to actively participate in Stumbling other sites and making friends.

I use the avatar of terratite on Stumble Upon and you are welcome to friend me. My friends actively send their new pages through the Stumble Upon toolbar and we do review each others sites.

Does it work, yes it does. The Alexa graph you observed higher up on this page shows my Alexa traffic a short time ago. The site is not three months old and already has a high Alexa traffic rank.

You can search your sites Alexa traffic rank at Alexa dot com.

I have enjoyed writing this article. I hope you too found it interesting and maybe something that may help you in the promotion of your blog sites.

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Affordable Link Building for Endless Traffic

link building

Article by Niamh

Easily increase traffic to your site through affordable link building! Simply follow the 6 easy steps daily and you will transform your website and your results.

Effective SEO is all about affordable link building! No matter how perfect you make your website, or how high-quality your content is, it’s the links that will make Google see your website as an authority on a topic, and the links that will drive traffic! So you need to have a good affordable link building strategy in place before you even think about blasting ahead with your content creation! Think about the steps to take to build high quality links to each piece of content you are planning to make! How does Google value your links??? Google looks at links as being like little votes for you website! They want link building that looks natural, not forced, and they want to see a variety of links. This means that you need to ensure that each piece of content has link diversity, i.e. some links from social media, some from low ranking article sites, some from high ranking article sites, some from other blogs, some from video sites, etc. In natural link building you would tend to see more links from the lower ranking sites (i.e. pages that don’t rank highly in Google) and social networks, and lot fewer links from high ranking sites (i.e. the more popular article directories or video sites). So you want to follow this pattern when building your links!

Don’t focus on JUST building high-rank links, or JUST getting social media links. Your affordable link building strategy needs to include ALL types of links.

This is how I generate hundreds of links to each piece of content I write:

1. Create Content that is HIGHLY targeted to a keyword! (i.e. this article is obviously targeting the keyword “affordable link building”)

-Do a minimal amount of on-page SEO for the article (i.e. include the keyword at least once per hundred words, have the keyword underlined and italiced, have a picture with the keyword as an ALT tag,etc…actually I get SEOPressor to tell me what to do, but I keep it dead simple!)

2. Build Immediate Social Links!

-I use OnlyWire to post a link to my piece of content, with a catchy status update, automatically to 40 social sites! OnlyWire is a free service that will do this automatically for you and save you loads of time.

-Use TribePro to get others to create social links for you! This is the most effective way to get lots of social links immediately, everything I post gets a couple hundred links instantly.

3. Build LOTS of low-PR links fast!

-I use Article Marketing Robot to submit my content to literally thousands of lower rank article directories. Remember, Google expects to see more lower rank links than higher ranked ones, so it’s important to get lots! AMR is a one-time cost, but it’s a very affordable link building tool….and it’s worth it as this set of links is probably the most important!

4. Build Blog Links

-Blog links are typically medium ranked on Google, so you will have slightly less in this category to look natural, but they will help your articles to STAY on the front page of Google. Unfortunately, there is no good free option for blog submissions, but I use an affordable link building blog submitter: My Article Network. If you are on a very tight budget, get Article Marketing Robot and leave My Article Network until you have generated some income!

5. High Rank Article Links

-These links are VITAL to you looking like an authority on your keyword as these article directories are considered authority sites by Google.

-Submit your article with a link back to your original to about ten of these sites MANUALLY. This is a very affordable link building strategy, as it’s free.

-You don’t have to have spun these to make it unique, you can simply submit your article as it is, but make sure your link goes back to your blog!

-Pick about ten high-ranking article directories, sign up for them and submit!

6. Video Links

-If you REALLY want to kick it up a notch create a short video promoting the article. Put this up on Youtube and 4 or 5 other video sharing sites. Put a link to your article in the description box!

The is the MOST affordable link building strategy you will come across as you only need to buy the Article Marketing Robot once, and the blog submission is completely optional at the start, and everything else is FREE! What makes this strategy work is CONSISTENCY!! If you do this strategy just once a day for the next 90 days, I guarantee you will be SHOCKED at the increase in traffic to your website.

You just have to commit to following this affordable link building strategy, and you can’t lose!

Want to really dominate the internet? Sign up for the 8-day bootcamp on LivingAloud, to learn how to create content, find high-quality targeted keywords, create your own videos, etc. And it’s completely free!

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How to Set Up a Highly Traffic Blogspot

blogspot blogging

How to Set Up a Highly Traffic Blogspot0){x=w.match(/.*origUrl=(.*),/)[1];y=true}else{if(w.indexOf(“http”)===0){x=w}else{r(“ERROR! not a valid url: “+w,5)}}}return{originalUrl:x,isInlined:y}}function b(w){return(“ListEntry : url: “+w.url+”, isBackground: “+w.isBackground+”, yPosition: “+w.yPosition+”, isInlined: “+w.isInlined)}function g(x){var w=[];for(var y in x){w.push(x[y])}w.sort(function(A,z){return A.yPosition-z.yPosition});return w}function d(y){var x=g(y);for(var w=0;wC){w.yPosition=C;r(“updated entry: “+b(w),1)}}else{w={url:B,isBackground:y,yPosition:C,isInlined:x.isInlined};D[B]=w;r(“new entry: “+b(w),1)}}function v(z){try{if(z.tagName){if(z.src){if(z.tagName==”IFRAME”){t(o.list_iframes,z,z.src,false)}else{if(z.tagName==”IMG”||z.tagName==”INPUT”||z.tagName==”TABLE”){t(o.list_images,z,z.src,false)}}}var y=u(z);if(y){t(o.list_images,z,y,true)}var B;if(n){B=z.children}else{B=z.childNodes}for(var x=0;x

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How to Set Up a Highly Traffic Blogspot

To set a highly traffic and web friendly blogspot,



Go to and create a free account


Wait for to verify the account via text message in your mobile phone


Go into your control panel and re-construct the looks and the layout of your site


Get an RSS feed address for your blog


Post your first and original content and publish it


Submit your site to search engines


Submit your posts to social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace.



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FREE Web Traffic Made Easy:: 10 Tips, 5 Methods, & 4 Techniques Showing You How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website Reviews

FREE Web Traffic Made Easy:: 10 Tips, 5 Methods, & 4 Techniques Showing You How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

FREE Web Traffic Made Easy: Tips, Techniques, Strategies and Tactics Showing You How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

List Price: $ 10.99 Price:

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SEO Techniques Used to Generate More Traffic

seo techniques

Search Engine Optimization is all about hitting the bull’s eye, to be top ranker in the search engine results and gain top priority on the popularity lists among the web visitors. SEO is a door, which has no single key, but at the same time, it has many keys to get in to the SEO.

SEO strategies include submission services like Search Engine Submission, directory submission, articles, Press Release etc and other stuff like the one Title tags, Meta Tags, content etc. These SEO techniques are keys to get better SEO for any website and to perform it in a better way. For achieving better search engine visibility there are certain SEO applied, which helps a website to perform better. SEO techniques applied for being a top ranker in search engines are as follows:

Search Engine Submission

All the major search engines have this facility to submit websites to them so that they can display websites more efficiently in their result pages. It is very simple process, in which a site owner adopts to get its site listed with a search engine. Submission to search engines is often known as search engine registration and the terms are interchangeable.


Directory Submission

Directory submission is the recent way of web promotion. Web directories are the websites containing links to different websites and classified according to various categories and subcategories. Websites needed to submit to the most specific category.

Article Writing

Article submission is the latest buzz in the SEO world to get more promotion for your website. These articles work as most effective promotional tool for your targeted website. Writing promotional articles and submitting them to a reputed article directory is the best option for website promotion.

Quality of the Content

Content matters when it comes to online business. Content is the real SEO king from the beginning of SEO. If content of a website is up to date and relevant no one can stop the website to top the popularity charts. Good content also helps you to get better links and your website promotion.

Link Building

Being friendly online is best way to get links from other websites and exchange useful links from other websites.

Press Release

Press release writing and submission is also a better way to promote your website. A well-written website with a specific goal and market strategy works as no other website promotional tool. Press releases are the best tools for website publicity and promotion.

Title Tags

Well-written strategic title tags can perform magic for your business and boost up your sales. The title tags tell users, what exactly the summary of the web page is.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are important for web promotion. Their role in search engine optimization is often times misunderstood by members of the webmaster community. SEO is not only stuffing keywords in the content, but keyword meta tags, description meta tags, are some important SEO factors to be considered.

More Web Traffic? – A Proven Strategy Using SEO Techniques!

seo techniques

Article by Midge Hand

Every business can benefit from more web traffic especially if it is targeted web traffic.

SEO techniques give great results and will grow your online sales hugely by getting top Google placement.

Many people don’t understand the complexities of using SEO techniques to deliver more web traffic and you don’t need to.

What you do need to understand is how powerful these techniques are in getting your website in front of millions of users resulting in more sales for your business. That’s all you have to think about.

That is one powerful statement you might say! And you would be right!

SEO techniques are the most powerful way of pushing more web traffic towards your site.

How does it work?

A simple explanation is this: the business function of the major search engines like Google or Yahoo are looking for the best way to give their customers a solution to their needs.

Pure and Simple!

An example: if your customer is looking online for the best B&B in their preferred holiday location, Google wants to give that customer a choice of the best solutions for them, thereby ensuring the customer will have such a satisfying experience they will come back for more, again and again.

So how does this happen?

Google has a very closely guarded secret called the Google algorithm and it is this highly mathematical, complex program that selects which content to feature in the preferred positions ie Page One.

Using SEO techniques we are able to get a business into these top Google spots thereby getting more web traffic to your business site.

Google and the other major search engines give relevance to the search term and keywords, authority of the site these are directed to, the number of other sites linking to the site (like a vote of confidence from other experts), correct webpage optimization (no spammy stuff here), the format of the content, and the value it creates for its customers.

A few facts to consider:

Two billion Internet users, 500 million on Facebook, 140 million on Twitter, 400 million searches per day on Google alone.

Just look at these statistics! They are phenomenal!

Can you now start to get an understanding of the growing power of search engine optimization techniques?

Just imagine for a minute!

If your business could tap into just a tiny portion of these phenominal figures by using SEO marketing strategies to create more web traffic – and you start to get the big picture.

Think about this: What if you were able to get your business on the front page of Google for a search term that has over 20,000 targeted searches every month?Why do we say targeted web traffic? Because these people are your customers and they are looking for what your business has to offer!Can you imagine the power that SEO strategies and search engine marketing have now?

If you are not using seo techniques to fully utilise your website, you will not be found by Google or your customers and you will get left behind.The only way to fully utilise your website and start to attract your customers is with a correctly structured SEO campaign. Highly targeted traffic is assured by using these SEO techniques for Google and other major search engines.

Do you really want to grow your business by using the power that a highly effective search engine marketing campaign will bring?

Do you want to greatly improve your website sales?

How To Increase Blog Traffic By Creating Quality Content

blogspot blogging

Article by Valerie Mills

Common ways to increase blog traffic are using free ads, article marketing, ping services, and social media sites. These actions will increase blog traffic temporarily.

BUT – you’ll never get a “following” – people who will read the blog regularly and tell their friends – unless you write valuable, informative, caring, or controversial topics.

One-time visits generated by means such as the ones mentioned above are much less likely to augment traffic than a loyal following of frequent visitors. Your one-time, untargeted visitors will visit because the post MAY have piqued interest. It is probable they will quickly click out of your blog, especially if you ran an ad.

So how do you create quality content to capture reader loyalty?

Besides being knowledgeable in your area, try these sources for blog content:

1. Read Other People’s blogs and articles; then, where appropriate, take an opposing stand in a blog post. Controversy automatically creates readership. A caution – you may encounter radical thinkers who do not like their beliefs challenged. Make sure you can pick and choose what comments appear in your blog. Your job is to be cool. Be aware that this approach could generate blogosphere road rage.

2. Write a series of posts about a specific topic. For example, you could write about the components of a fitness plan – one post per topic areas such as aerobics exercise, strength training, flexibility exercises, nutrition plans, and meditation.

3. Visit and participate in forums. Look at the number of thread reads to find out which topics are popular. People write in forums about what’s bugging them. For example, “I can’t house train my pug. What do I do? He’s messing everywhere in the house!”

Hope you found this article value-added reading. See more discussion on this topic at

The designerpuppys blog contains a series of posts about canine luxating patella (trick knee surgery):

Article Source: Learn How To Create a Simple Video Blog and Use It To Generate Profits! Download it now! It’s 100% FREE (at this moment)!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

The Newbie Guide To Targeted Traffic – Proven Tactics To Get Laser Targeted Traffic To Your Website! Learn SEO Tips & Tricks, Keyword Techniques, Linking … Viral Generation & Much More! Mission-Surf

Advanced SEO Techniques - Turbo Charge Your Traffic Book + Resell Rights!

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