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If you own a WordPress blog, your just one of the millions of WordPress bloggers on the internet today. Technorati as we all know are the biggest internet search engine for searching blogs competing with Google and Yahoo. Since 2002 they have indexed 133 million blogs in 81 different languages. In a recent study they revealed that collectively over the past 3 years bloggers have created close to one million post every day.

The question is ‘Why should you care? Because of the sheer volume of blogs online it’s no wonder that people’s attention spans are dropping. And people barely stick around long enough to read your first blog title.

Imagine if you could turn these numbers on their head. Your be placing yourself firmly in the driving seat. When your market changes change your marketing. If you want to create a long lasting and profitable blog your have to leverage new marketing techniques that counteract market changes.

What if you could use a revolutionary new WordPress plugin that would unlock the treasure trove of new marketing opportunity. Would it not be highly beneficial to create an instinctive response from your blog visitors using a proven method. All wordPress blog owner realise the importance and benefits of constant traffic.

Imagine being able to transform your WordPress blog into a list building Super tornado. Turning casual browsers into responsive subscribers and buyers. Making your blog visitors an offer they can’t refuse.

Our brains are hard-wired to notice movement and focus on it (Which goes back to when we were considered dinner by other animals) this is instinctive to see if the movement is dangerous. The fact remains movement is impossible to ignore. This is the underlying principle behind the power of Optinpop.

A few seconds of undivided attention is all that’s needed to take your online business to the very next level. You need the power to increase the value of traffic to your blog.

There are simple marketing strategies that can be used with an Optinpop by adding any content to the pop up window, the user is required to type in the URL of the page that he/she wants to display. Then pop up windows on the exit are to be created that help to convert the exit traffic into genuine subscribers. Now popup windows on entry are toe be created which will attract people that will visit your blog.

The WordPress plug-in program works so effectively that the visitors of the website will think twice before leaving your site. The program allows the users with a chance to catch the attention of the traffic. Without such a WordPrees plugin, WordPress blog owners could be literally missing out on the opportunities to make thousands in extra profits every month.

An Optinpop can be developed in such a way that it acts as a complete traffic friendly wordpress plugin. That can convert more traffic into a high converting subscribers before they have even seen your blog. This can have a tremendous effect on your…

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